How to calculate shipping cost for your wooden ships

We’ve seen many times before, wooden ships cost a lot of money.

Not only that, but when they ship, they cost a LOT of money!

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the shipbuilding and shipping cost calculator we’ve created for Wooden Ships.


The wooden shipbuilding calculator can calculate shipping costs for wooden ships in different time periods.

This calculator uses a shipbuilding period of 10,000 years to calculate the total shipbuilding cost. 


It can also calculate the ship cost in different ways.

It uses a “building time” of 15,000 (which we’ll explain later) to calculate a total ship cost.

The calculator also allows you to enter different shipbuilding periods to calculate different shipping costs.


You can use this calculator to calculate how much you will pay for a wooden ship.

The tool includes all the information you need to calculate ship costs and shipping costs in various time periods, including the ship’s estimated cost per ton.


The shipbuilding time calculator can also help you estimate the ship price per ton you would pay for the ship.

This is important because the shipping cost of a wooden boat can vary greatly depending on the number of wooden ships you buy.


The shipping cost calculation includes shipping costs such as freight and insurance.

If you want to calculate freight, the calculator assumes you buy a total of 6 wooden ships and ships in each age category.

However, if you buy more than 6 wooden vessels, the total freight cost is calculated differently.

This includes a freight charge of 6% of the shipping costs per ton, as well as shipping costs to add or subtract ships. 


The other way the calculator can help you calculate shipping rates is by assuming you purchase more than one ship for a given age.


You will need to enter all the correct information to calculate your ship cost, including: a) The ship’s actual cost per year; b) The length of the ship and its number of tons; c) The weight of the ships cargo; d) The total ship’s gross weight; e) The overall ship’s cost; f) The approximate cost of each ship; g) The actual cost of the wooden ship; and h) The maximum number of ships you plan to buy.

The maximum ship price you can purchase is calculated as follows: Ship Cost in Years Shipping Cost in Tonnes Cost per Tonne (cents) 8.

You may also want to check out our Wooden Ships Buying Guide , which includes detailed ship cost information. 

The wooden ship building calculator can be used to estimate ship prices and shipping rates for the following age categories: Age 1 to 4 Age 5 to 9 Age 10 to 15 Age 16 to 18 Age 19 to 20 Age 21 to 24 Age 25 to 29 Age 30 to 34 Age 35 to 39 Age 40 to 44 Age 45 to 49 Age 50 to 54 Age 55 to 59 Age 60 to 64 Age 65 to 68 Age 69 to 72 Age 73 to 75 Age 76 to 79 Age 80 to 84 Age 85 to 90 Age 91 to 94 Age 95 to 99 Age 100 to 105