FedEx ship manager says ‘there’s a ship that’s ready to go’

FedEx shipping manager Brian Laughlin says “there’s been a ship waiting for us in the Pacific that’s going to be ready to be loaded” after being “tracked and checked” on Wednesday.

“I don’t know if that ship is going to go ahead or not,” he told reporters at a press conference.

“I know there’s a flight that’s being prepared to take it to Honolulu and I don’t want to make it worse for anyone.”

We’re not going to do anything that is going in the wrong direction,” Mr Laughlin said.”

This is the time when we’re looking to take advantage of the opportunity to make the world a better place, so we’re taking it very, very seriously.

“It’s not going into the water.

This is not an opportunity for some other vessel.”

The shipment of supplies for the US military’s Pacific Command was on track to leave on Thursday, with cargo expected to reach Honolulu by Friday.

The ship was loaded on Tuesday for the upcoming Christmas holiday, and the cargo was expected to be moved to Guam by Thursday.US President Donald Trump tweeted that the “biggest mistake in the history of politics” was the decision to cancel the shipment, and that the decision was “the biggest, most dangerous mistake of the last decade”.

The President has repeatedly threatened to use military force to halt shipments to North Korea if it continues to threaten the US, with North Korea threatening to “take out” the US Navy’s aircraft carrier group.

North Korea, however, has said it would only take action against the US if Washington does not make an “urgent” military response to the threat.