How to save Titanic sister ship in a new book, by author Brian J. Wright: ‘I have no idea how I’d have gotten her through this’

A new book about the Titanic sister ships, which were sunk during the Titanic disaster, has received a boost from the crew of the Golden Ray Ship, which sank with the shipwreck in 1912.

In the book, entitled Titanic Sisters, Wright details the lives of three women who lived in the Golden and Golden Ray ships.

The Golden Ray had a crew of only four and the Golden was sunk by a submarine.

In Wright’s book, three of the crew are now alive and well, and the rest of the story has been lost.

Here’s how to save the Golden.

Read moreAt the time of the Titanic’s sinking, Wright was a mechanical engineer and he helped design the Golden, which was a two-man submersible that carried the survivors of the sinking.

He also worked on the Golden’s engines and the ship was designed to carry a large amount of food and fuel.

“The Golden Ray was a disaster waiting to happen,” he said in an interview with ABC News.

“It was designed as a way to get the Titanic out of the water.

You know, to get some passengers to the other side.”

The Golden was the first ship to go down with the Titanic.

The ship, built in the 1860s and named the Golden in honor of the ship’s sister, sank in 1912 after being hit by a German submarine.

The crew of Titanic were rescued by a small group of German sailors, who were later known as the Golden Fleet.

Wright, who has lived in Australia since 1999, wrote a memoir about his life as a sailor on the Titanic that he said “took me by surprise.”

“I was in a world where the story of the ships being sunk was almost mythical,” he told ABC News, “and it’s so strange and exciting to me now.”

Wright said the Golden is an important piece of the overall story, as it’s “a very important piece for the Titanic story.”

In a series of interviews, Wright detailed his experiences in the ships.

He was part of a team that rescued more than 1,200 passengers and crew members, many of whom survived the disaster.

He described how he had to swim up a river while others were tied to a wooden platform.

He recalled having to climb a hill with a rope attached to a stake to climb to the top of a building to rescue people trapped inside.

He recounted how he was forced to climb through the ship to escape the sinking ship.

“I went down a very, very long staircase,” he recalled.

“We’d been in the bow and we’d been at anchor and there was a big hole in the side of the boat.

It was the largest hole in a boat that I had ever seen.”

The book was written to tell the story about the ships, and it is available for purchase on Amazon.

It is currently available in bookstores and online.

The Golden is currently being re-examined by the U.S. National Museum of the U,S.

Navy, which is reviewing the records of the vessel.

The museum is expected to release a report in early 2021.