How do you ship a pirate ship?

On Monday, a woman from South Africa boarded the USS San Diego in the Arabian Gulf with her two daughters, but she did not expect the ship to return her payment.

The woman was arrested in Dubai after she was captured on video with her children, a toddler and two infants.

They were being held by the US authorities.

The US has refused to release the video footage of the two women and the children, citing national security reasons.

It is unclear why the woman did not receive the money from the ship’s cargo hold, but the UAE is a signatory to the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

In a statement released on Monday, the UAE government said it had contacted the US for assistance.

It said that the US embassy in the UAE had contacted authorities and requested an urgent meeting with the mother and the two children.

“We believe this matter is of utmost concern and it would be irresponsible to take any action on behalf of the US without an understanding of the facts and circumstances,” it said.US officials have said they would release the women and children on their own recognisance if the Emirati authorities could prove they were not kidnapped.