What to know about shipping rates and fees in the US

The Federal Trade Commission has issued a warning that the USPS has an “unfair advantage” over competitors when it comes to shipping rates.

The commission’s letter comes amid a debate over whether the USPS should be allowed to charge more to international customers.

The agency is reviewing complaints from USPS customers who have complained about the USPS charging extra for domestic packages.

Under its new rules, USPS customers will be able to pay $3.97 more per package for every $1.00 spent overseas.

That’s a 3.3% increase.

That would be a $1,600 increase over the current USPS rate, which is $2.99.

For some customers, the increase would be worth it.

For example, an international student in Hawaii would pay $2,400 less for an international package in 2018 than they would have paid in 2017, according to the letter.

That is $400 more per year for the same package.

Other customers are saying the increase is a bit much.

The USPS has told us that the changes will not affect the delivery schedule of the mail and will be applied in a phased manner over the coming year.

But the new rule is a huge step forward for USPS, and the agency has been looking to improve its service and its customer service.