Why is it so expensive to ship your stuff through FedEx?

A lot of people get annoyed with the free shipping rates that are offered on the internet and at big box stores.

The problem with those offers is that they aren’t always accurate.

You can get cheaper shipping rates for a certain product, but they will probably be more expensive to get than what the local shipping carrier charges.

Here are the top 10 reasons to pay extra for FedEx shipping.


Most FedEx shipping rates are based on weight and size 2.

FedEx shipping offers a discount for your zip code 3.

The cost of shipping varies from $1.50 per pound to $0.10 per pound 4.

Shipping costs vary from $0 to $1 per pound 5.

Most shipping companies have no minimum purchase requirement 6.

FedEx charges a $15 handling fee 7.

FedEx does not accept checks or cash8.

The shipping company offers the option to ship to your door or UPS address 9.

FedEx ships to all US territories 10.

Most of the big box retailers offer FedEx delivery options 11.

If you are shipping via FedEx, you can receive a tracking number at the time of your purchase.

The tracking number will show your package has left the United States.

The next time you go to the UPS store, they will have it.

The UPS tracking number can show that you received your package.


The last mile is typically the fastest and safest way to get your package to the destination, and FedEx’s tracking service is usually accurate.


FedEx packages can be delivered to most addresses in the continental US.

The delivery time is usually less than a week.


The fastest way to receive FedEx delivery is to pick up your package at the FedEx office and then take the delivery to your address.


FedEx is more expensive than other major companies for its handling fees.


FedEx delivery costs are usually less in the mail than other companies.


FedEx has a better track record than most other shipping companies in terms of shipping speeds.


The FedEx tracking service works on most types of USPS and FedEx Express mail.


FedEx provides a free FedEx package tracking service.

FedEx also provides a USPS Priority Mail option for a fee.


FedEx allows customers to track their package on their own by emailing the package to them or by mailing a FedEx check.

FedEx offers these services to all U.S. and international customers, including Alaska and Hawaii.


FedEx can be an effective option for shipping large packages.

However, the cost is much higher than other shipping options.

For example, the average FedEx shipping fee is $2.49 per package.

This is much less than the USPS charges for the same shipping method.

The average USPS shipping fee for large packages is $9.99 per package and it is usually around $1 to $3 per package, depending on the size of the package.


The more expensive FedEx delivery fees are, the higher the likelihood that a customer will actually receive the product.


FedEx’s rates for some products can be confusing because the companies don’t have a clear explanation for the pricing.

This can cause customers to believe they are being charged the same price as a third-party seller.


FedEx may not be the best option for customers with large orders, since they are more expensive.

FedEx typically charges around $30 to $40 per package for smaller orders.


FedEx often takes longer than other carriers to process large packages for customers who are late in getting them.


If your package is late, you will likely receive an email from FedEx informing you that your package will be processed in a few days.

This email may include a link to a FedEx web site where you can track your package, but FedEx will likely only provide you with the link once the package has been processed.


FedEx rates are often based on the weight and volume of the item, which can vary.


FedEx will often send an email to the recipient with a link that will allow them to track the package through FedEx.

However the link will only show that the package was processed and that the tracking is accurate.


FedEx uses UPS tracking services to track packages.


FedEx sometimes uses the U.K. postal service to track package deliveries.


FedEx occasionally sends packages that are not delivered to their final destination.

FedEx only returns packages that have been cleared to its final destination by FedEx.


FedEx makes it harder for customers to claim a refund for shipping errors.


FedEx generally does not offer free shipping on packages that were damaged by shipping agents.

FedEx takes the time to determine whether the package is a lost or stolen item and then takes the appropriate steps to ship the package back to its original owner.


FedEx stores a “service mark” on your package which indicates whether the shipping company has completed the tracking and shipping for the package, which may help the FedEx warehouse personnel to process your package quickly.

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