Lego Space Ship Home in 3D

3.49K Shares Share Lego Space ship Lego Space, a spaceship that’s designed to go into deep space and travel between Earth and another planet, is coming to the United States soon.

Lego said today that it is planning to unveil the first of a few Lego ships, called the Space Ship, at its SpaceShipOne event in New York City.

It will go on sale to the public this summer for $99.99.

The Space Ship is the latest in a series of new Lego vehicles.

Lego has also unveiled a brand-new vehicle, the Lego Spacecraft, which is about 50% larger than the original Space Ship and will go into orbit around Earth.

In January, Lego unveiled the new LEGO Star Wars set, which featured two Lego sets, one built by its Toy Biz division and one by Lego itself.

Lego will also release a new set, LEGO Star Destroyer, later this year.

The new Lego ships will also be part of the company’s $100 million Star Wars line of new vehicles, which includes the $2,800 Millennium Falcon and the $1,200 Millennium Falcon Heavy.

Lego’s plans to bring new toys to the U.S. are a part of a strategy that’s seen the company grow its global sales to $4.7 billion last year from $1.4 billion a year earlier.

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