How to use eBay shipping calculator

How to calculate shipping costs?

We’ve covered it a few times, and it’s a great way to save money on items you want to purchase.

You can use the eBay shipping Calculator to find out what you can and can’t get your hands on when you buy items on eBay.

First, enter your shipping address, then click the Add to Cart button, and then click Add to Store.

Next, type your shipping location, and the number of items you can buy per item.

This should give you the correct amount of items per shipping carton for your order.

You’ll be prompted for the number and size of the carton you want, and you can then select the shipping options that best fit your needs.

We recommend using a single carton with all your orders, and only ordering items that you can physically take home.

If you want more than one carton, you can order them in separate shipments.

Once you’ve selected your cartons, click Save and enter your credit card information.

Your cartons will then be added to your cart, and when you click Next, it will display the shipping price and shipping cost, and let you know when you can expect your order to ship.

Once the shipping cost has been calculated, click Next again, and your carton will be added automatically.

Once your cart is added, it can be found by clicking the cart icon in the upper right corner.

You will need to enter your email address when you add an item to your Cart.

Once your email is set up, you should see the Cart icon in your top right corner, and a shipping confirmation email should appear.