How to get a fast delivery when FedEx and UPS cancel orders

The UPS and FedEx service for ground shipping have had a bumpy relationship in recent years.

Now, a new report has revealed how those two companies are working to fix the problems.

FedEx has been testing its own ground shipping technology, and is also looking to introduce it into its fleet of ground shipments.

UPS is testing its ground delivery system in several cities.

Both companies are testing the ground shipping system for a couple of weeks, and are expecting the first shipments of ground delivery to arrive in mid-March, a company spokesperson told Bloomberg.

FedEx is expected to offer a similar system to its ground shipments in 2019, and UPS will be launching the system in 2021, according to the Bloomberg report.

UPS has been working to increase its ground shipping capacity in the last two years.

Last year, the company delivered more than 3.8 million packages on a single day, and shipped more than 14.6 million packages per day in 2017.

That was a 30 percent increase in shipments per day over 2016.

That is a significant jump from the 9.4 million packages delivered per day that UPS delivered in 2016.

UPS says that its deliveries per day has increased in recent months as well, and that deliveries are up 7 percent for the first nine months of 2018, compared with the same period in 2017, and 11 percent for each of the next two years, according the report.

Fedex is also testing a new type of delivery delivery called “reward delivery,” where a customer can receive a “free delivery voucher” after they have made a delivery.

That voucher will be redeemable at FedEx locations, where the customer will be given a coupon for an additional $25, the report says.

The news of UPS testing a ground delivery service comes amid a growing competition between FedEx and Amazon, with the latter recently offering free delivery in several U.S. cities.

In January, UPS announced that it would be launching its own free delivery service in 2021.