The Price of Space

The price of space has become a hot commodity, with the space station expected to cost up to $6 billion.

And now it seems that a new company, Space Exploration Technologies, is on track to build the next big thing, a space station that could cost more than $4 billion.

The company, whose name has not been disclosed, has signed a contract with Boeing to build a 10-story, 1.5 million-ton (4,000-ton) launch complex.

The contract is worth $2.8 billion and would be a major step forward for the company.

Space Exploration Technologies is a new aerospace company founded by billionaire aerospace entrepreneur Elon Musk, who has also funded a number of other space projects.

The company’s president, Jay Belshe, is the former president of SpaceX, the rocket company that Musk founded in 2009.

SpaceX is developing a new rocket that would be able to send satellites into orbit, a new space station, and possibly eventually, human beings into space.

The rocket is expected to be built on the same site where SpaceX first launched its Falcon 9 rocket in late 2016.

Belshey’s company is working with Boeing on the design, and the rocket will be delivered to the company’s test facility in McGregor, Texas, in 2017.

Spacex’s new rocket, which is designed to send humans into orbit.

(NASA)Belshe said the contract with NASA will be used to test out the rocket, the satellite payloads that the company will build on it, and potentially, the new launch pad.

He said he would be “very surprised if it didn’t go beyond that.”

The company is building the new pad in McGregor in partnership with Boeing, which will be working on the launch vehicle, according to a statement from SpaceX.

Bleshe said that the rocket is designed for payloads weighing between about 100,000 to about 350,000 pounds (70,000 and 150,000 kilograms).

Belshey said the pad will be capable of holding up to 40 launch vehicles, which could be used for multiple missions at once.

The pad also will have an area that can house up to six launch vehicles.

The launch pad would also have a number.

SpaceX will be paying a $3.6 billion price tag for the pad, which would include about $2 billion in federal funding.

But the company is also looking for more money to build new launch facilities for its rockets, Belsh said.

SpaceX is seeking a $6.7 billion price for the facility, according the company statement.

The contract with SpaceX is the latest step in a development that has been underway for some time.

SpaceX first built a rocket in 2009, but it has since gone through a number a redesigns and upgrades.

The launch complex is one of those new projects.

Belsh is the second CEO to step down from SpaceX after Musk.

John Brin was the chief executive for Space Exploration, a company that also builds rockets.