What I learned from my Amazon Prime shipping experience

By now, you probably know that Amazon has started charging shipping rates for international shipping.

If you are buying a new Amazon Prime item and want to send it to a friend in the US, you will be charged a fee for shipping. 

If you buy a product from Amazon Prime, the shipping rate is set by the Amazon Prime subscription service, which is part of the company’s $99 annual membership. 

You can view the shipping rates by going to the Amazon Product Details page, then clicking the Shipping tab. 

For the price of shipping, the Amazon prime memberships allow you to save up to $50 per item. 

The Amazon Prime service allows you to choose from multiple shipping options, which include expedited shipping, expedited delivery, free shipping and free next day shipping.

The cost of shipping varies depending on your location, but you can usually save up on your order by paying for expedited or next day delivery. 

To get an idea of the rates you will pay, you can use Amazon’s free shipping calculator to find the shipping price for an item that is currently in your cart. 

Here is an example of how to calculate the cost of international shipping:   $15 + $5 shipping.

That means you would pay $14.97 for a $10 shipping.

  $25 + $4 shipping.

That means you pay $21.99 for a delivery of $25.50.

And that’s how the price for a Prime order looks like for an international order, even if you don’t use Amazon Prime. 

Amazon Prime offers an option for the customer to choose which of the four shipping options they would like to see:  Free Shipping, Next Day Shipping, First Class or Priority Mail. 

Now, for some customers, the free shipping option might be more appealing, because it means you are not paying for any additional shipping costs.

If you are a Prime member, though, you might be a little disappointed by the shipping charges. 

First, if you are shipping items to a specific address, then the Amazon delivery rate will be higher than the free service’s.

Second, if a customer chooses to pay for expediting delivery, the cost will vary based on how much the order is going to cost. 

But, if the customer chooses not to pay the extra cost, the item will be delivered within the next business day, meaning you will get the item on time. 

In fact, if Amazon charges you more for an expedited service, the more likely you are to pay. 

Even if you want to save some money, Amazon Prime might be worth it if you buy your items at a certain price, because the shipping fee is negotiable. 

Free shipping on an item for an Amazon Prime member may be a better option than the other options. 

It also might be worthwhile to check with Amazon about the cost difference if you can afford it, but don’t let it discourage you from using the free services. 

When you are looking at the prices of the Amazon service, it might be helpful to check the shipping calculator, as the prices may differ from the Amazon price list. 

A list of the free Amazon services available to Prime members is available here.