Why do women ship so much more than men?

We know that there’s a gender bias in shipping, and a lot of research has shown that women are more likely to ship when their needs are greatest.

But it’s unclear why women are willing to pay more for a package that might not even be their actual needs.

And what we don’t know is how much extra money they pay for.

A new study published in PLOS ONE looks at shipping in the United States.

The researchers collected data on shipping patterns by analyzing the online purchases of women, men, and those over age 25.

The study looked at a number of factors that affect the price women pay for packages.

The authors identified five major factors: price of merchandise, price of delivery, delivery time, and shipping cost.

The women, however, were not different from men.

They were more likely than the men to ship for the same price when their shipping needs were greatest.

In fact, women were the only demographic group that was more likely overall to ship with less than perfect coverage.

The results of the study suggest that women’s shipping needs are not only limited by their own physical limitations, but also that they are paying more for their packages than men because they are able to get packages that fit their needs better.

The findings are based on a study of more than 4,000 individuals from different age groups in the U.S. It’s a big study, but the authors suggest that the results are valid for the United Kingdom, and it may apply to other countries.

“It suggests that we might need to reconsider the value of the gender pay gap,” lead author, David Daley, told Ars.

“Men are paying a lot more for shipping because they can get more coverage.”

He and his colleagues have already published a paper on the topic, and the researchers are now preparing a follow-up paper that will look at how shipping patterns are changing around the world.