‘Lion’ returns to Australian music scene with new album [AUDIO]

Posted July 09, 2018 12:34:33The long awaited return of Australian indie rock band Lion is coming.

The group, which is currently touring Australia, will perform at the Melbourne Music Week festival this weekend and the album is expected to be released in the fall.

The band has already released an album of originals under the name the Hinterland, which they co-wrote with guitarist and songwriter Jason McKeever.

Lion was formed in 2011 and recorded its first single, “Hinterland,” in 2012.

The title track on the album, “Dirty Laundry,” was recorded in June, and the band is currently in the midst of recording new material.

Lions album is not a continuation of the band’s 2013 debut, A Dangerous Time.

It was recorded entirely in Australia and has no track listing on Amazon.

In fact, it’s not even on Amazon’s top 100 indie rock albums.

The Hinterlands original music is being remixed to make it a more accessible version of its sound.

“The music that Lion has created is a new sound,” said the band in a statement to Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

“It is much more accessible than it was before and it’s still going to be a lot of fun.”

I think that’s why we felt the need to re-record the whole album as a whole.

“The Hint: The original band members are playing guitar, vocals and bass on the new album.

Jason McKeiver plays guitar and sings on the record.

Jason is best known for being a member of Australian alternative rock band, The War on Drugs.

He’s also known for his work with the hip-hop duo Migos, which has sold over four million albums worldwide.

The War on Drug is known for having a heavy influence on the rock and roll genre.

In 2013, they were featured on the cover of Rolling Stone.

Their second album, The Hinterlanders, was released in March 2017.

It went gold in Australia.

The album was also nominated for an Australian Music Awards and won Best Original Song.

The music video for “Dangerous Time” features a series of images of a man with a gun and a woman with a knife in a dark alley.”

Dangerously Time” is the title track from the Hint album.

The new album features more tracks than the original Hinterlander album.

It features collaborations with former members of The War On Drugs and new collaborators such as DJ Spin and DJ Shuggy.

The song “Hint” has been re-recorded to sound like an ambient version of the classic Australian folk-rock song.

The “Door of the Devil” is a cover of The Beatles’ “A Day in the Life” by the band The Kinks.