Drop shipping companies are now paying to ship to Australia

The Pirate Ship, a ship that has been a fixture in the Sydney CBD since 2010, is about to go into administration after a long-running legal battle.

The dispute over the vessel, known as the Kama Sutra, has lasted for more than five years.

The Kama, as it’s known, is the largest vessel on the global pirate fleet, and its owner, pirate-influenced company, the Shipbuilding Workers’ Union, has been fighting the case for more years.

This has been compounded by a change in the law, where it now requires that ships must be shipped to Australia on the basis of Australian rules, rather than using the ship’s destination country.

As a result, the Kamas are now shipping to a number of countries on the continent, including Australia, which is now being sued for its “unjust and illegal” policy.

The ship has been the target of international attention due to its location, and many of the crew members who live on board are members of the LGBTI community.

In October, the union was told by the Federal Court that the Kams could no longer operate under Australian rules.

The court heard that, because the ship was in transit through Australia, the crew was no longer able to work, and therefore would be forced to find another vessel to transport the crew.

That’s when the ship started to lose money, and the ship eventually had to be abandoned.

Since then, the ship has gone through several operators and the company that operates it, the Pirateship Owners Association (POA), has taken it to court to try and get the ship back.

The case is still ongoing, and there is no date set for the court to hear the case, but a spokesperson for the POA told the ABC that the PSA was “still trying to resolve the legal issue”.

“We’re still in discussions with the court on the best course of action for us,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson did not provide details about the legal proceedings being carried out by the court, or the PPA’s business plan for the future. “

We hope the court will hear the matter quickly and will make a final determination at the earliest opportunity.”

The spokesperson did not provide details about the legal proceedings being carried out by the court, or the PPA’s business plan for the future.

The current situation with the KAMA has been an ongoing problem.

Earlier this year, the PWA took over management of the Kampsutra, which has been used by the Pirate Ship since at least 2015, when it was renamed the Kamposutra.

The vessel is currently being used as a training vessel by a company called the “Boom Boom Boom Team”, who are using the Kambosutra to train the crew of the ship.

The PWA’s claim in court is that the crew are not entitled to be paid for the use of the vessel because the company has been paying the PWP, the company involved in running the KAMA, for the right to use the vessel.

The crew have been using the vessel for training purposes since at the time of its transfer to the PVA in September 2016, and it has since been used as training equipment.

This is when the company, based in Sydney, applied to the Federal Government for permission to take over the Kamas ship, and was granted.

The company applied to have the vessel seized by the PFA, but the PRA ruled against them, and a judge has now upheld the decision.

In September, the court heard the PVO, which manages the vessel’s business, applied for an injunction to prevent the PTA from taking the vessel to Australia.

However, the judge rejected the application, saying the company had been paying “a substantial fee” to the company.

The judge said the PVAs application to take the Kames to Australia would have “serious consequences for the safety of the members of a ship’s crew”.

The court said the court should have considered the potential economic impacts of the PKA’s application to seize the KAMS, and “there is no evidence that the current economic conditions have caused the PBA to consider this application”.

The case will continue to be heard by the courts, and an announcement about a decision is expected to be made in the coming weeks.

The Australian Federal Police and the NSW Police are assisting the PAA in the investigation into the vessel and crew, and will be providing assistance with the PUA’s application.