Which ship is safest for up to two years?

Posted May 04, 2018 04:37:52 The Israeli navy has announced it is planning to raise the maximum length of a vessel’s hull to 50 meters to cope with an increase in cargo carrying capacity and shipping speed.

The navy’s chief spokesman announced on Thursday that the decision was made after examining data from the international fleet, and after considering safety and environmental requirements.

“The navy decided to raise its maximum length, 50 meters, because we have to increase the number of ships to cope in the current situation, which is the biggest ship in the world,” army spokesperson Brigadier-General Gadi Eizenkot told Army Radio.

“A new ship will require a higher speed than one that is used before.

And a ship with 50 meters hull can reach speeds of up to 8,000 meters per hour.”

When we are moving from a small ship to a larger ship, we need to make the ship lighter.

And this is what the navy has decided to do.

“The new ship would be equipped with “a new propulsion system,” he said, adding that it would have the capacity to accommodate up to 10,000 tons of cargo, and “to reach up to 1,000 kilometers per hour.

“The Israeli Navy has not revealed the new ship’s design or specifications, but it would reportedly have a crew of up from 12 to 15.

The new vessels would be “an improvement over the old ship,” Eizenkelot said, referring to the current vessel, which was designed in the 1970s and is believed to have been decommissioned by the Israeli Navy in 2003.

The new vessel, he added, would be capable of “dynamically and autonomously moving around.”

The navy is also working on the construction of a new shipyard at Kiryat Arba, near the coastal town of Ashkelon, to build more vessels for the navy.

The Kiryats are known for their proximity to the coast, and the Israeli military said it was also preparing a shipyard to build additional ships for the fleet.

The IDF Spokesman said the navy was considering building up to seven additional ships in the next 10 years, and was also developing the design of ships for use by the Air Force.

The army has not yet announced the length of the new vessel or its name.