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The U.S. Coast Guard on Thursday said that it was investigating the case of a woman who was found in the ocean near San Francisco with a head wound and other injuries.

She was taken to a hospital for treatment.

According to the Coast Guard, the woman was found on Thursday evening by a Coast Guard vessel.

She suffered head injuries and other serious injuries, the Coast Guards said.

The Coast Guard said that the incident was not considered suspicious.

It added that the woman had been treated at a local hospital.

The case is the first known U.T.O. related to cruise ship shipping in California.

The California Department of Consumer and Business Services on Thursday issued a warning to passengers and cargo owners who might have witnessed the incident.

The advisory states that if a passenger or cargo ship passes through an area with an elevated risk of coronaviruses such as COVID-19, they should be asked to quarantine passengers and/or cargo, or remove all passengers and containers from the ship.