Why is Amazon’s Prime shipping estimate so high?

Amazon is launching Prime shipping this week for Australia, but some customers are getting frustrated with the service.

Read moreThe average price for a package from Amazon is about AU$8.40.

For Prime shipping, the average is AU$17.10.

But that isn’t even the worst of it.

The Amazon shipping estimate is often higher.

According to Amazon’s shipping page, an order placed before 5pm (AEDT) will cost an extra AU$7.25 if it is to arrive by 7pm.

The same order placed after 5pm will cost AU$16.70.

On the day that the package leaves the store, it will cost about AU3.25.

That means an order will cost at least AU$19.80 to be delivered to the address on the shipping label, and at least a bit more if it’s to arrive a week later.

The shipping estimate isn’t the only problem with Prime shipping.

A recent report by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission found that a third of Prime customers were getting delayed deliveries because the shipping service didn’t honour delivery confirmation emails, even though the delivery was expected.

Some customers have reported problems with their Prime orders.

For example, one Australian customer received an order that he said had been due to arrive on Sunday.

The customer, who had ordered from Amazon earlier in the week, later found that his delivery was delayed to Tuesday.

Amazon says that the problems were caused by an issue with its tracking system.

However, one of the customer’s customers said the problem was caused by the fact that the shipping company didn’t include the delivery confirmation email in its delivery tracking system before the customer ordered.

According the Australian Consumer Law (ACL), when the service receives an email indicating an order has been placed, the delivery will be held until the customer confirms the email’s legitimacy.

In some cases, customers have also reported problems getting their order to arrive.

One of the more frequent complaints about Amazon’s delivery system is the fact the company does not track where the order is going.

The Australian Competition Commission said it found that customers were often told the order was going to a warehouse somewhere, rather than actually being delivered.

“While the company’s tracking system does provide some indication of the location of a shipment, the company also fails to provide an indication of where the shipment is going to be received,” the ACL said.

Amazon has also been criticised for failing to track when it received an email from the courier, or when it sent a package, and for failing in its obligations under the ACL to ensure that customers received their orders.

The ACL said it had launched a complaint to the Australian Trade Commission to address these issues.

In a statement, Amazon said that it “is working to resolve these issues and take measures to address them, including a full investigation by the ACCC”.

“We are also looking at the delivery and tracking systems of our delivery partners,” the statement said.

The ACCC said it was investigating complaints and the company said it would respond within 30 days.