What is fast shipping?

Fast shipping is when a payment processor charges a small flat fee to your bank, credit card or PayPal account in exchange for the fast delivery of your payment.

The fee is usually in the range of 0.1% to 2% and the payment processor does not have to do anything special to receive the payment.

Fast shipping can be used to get money into your bank account and pay bills quickly, but can also be used by a scammer to steal your money and use it to commit fraud.

Fast payments also pose a serious threat to merchants who have a long history of using their credit card information for fraudulent activities.

For example, a payment processing company might charge a fee to send a payment to a buyer who has not submitted an order.

However, if the payment is delayed because the buyer doesn’t send the payment, the payment can be charged back to the buyer at the same rate the payment was initially processed.

In the past, fraudsters have been able to make fraudulent payments by using a merchant’s credit card number as the payment source.

However for years, fraud has been extremely difficult to detect and protect against.

One of the biggest obstacles to detecting and stopping fraud is the lack of consumer reporting.

For every fraud reported, there are several more that aren’t reported, so there is little evidence that fraud is actually occurring.

There are several ways to combat fraud that can help you keep your money safe and your business safe.

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