‘Aussie flag’ is back on the menu for Melbourne shipyard

A new Australian flag will return to Melbourne’s waterfront in 2018, with a $1m donation from the Australian government and a new vessel heading to the port to make way for a new shipyard.

The state government announced the donation in a news release on Friday, adding the new flag would be placed at the new Port Melbourne shipyards.

The shipyard will make the new vessel, which will be called the “Australian flag”, available for purchase at the end of May.

The Australian flag, a symbol of unity and peace, has been a part of Australia’s flag fleet for decades.

The flag will be made of Australian flag fabric and will have blue and white stripes.

It will be flown on the ships that transport the country’s goods.

The new flag will replace the previous flag that was flown on all ships carrying cargo heading to Australia from overseas.

Melbourne’s waterfront has been home to the new shipyards since the mid-1990s.