Cruise ship to open in Hong Kong this year

The cruise ship “Carnival of the Seas” will be open in 2016, after nearly 20 years in service in Hong Kowloon.

The cruise line, which is owned by the Chinese state-run China Ocean Exploration Corp, plans to open the cruise ship in 2016 on the Hong Kong harbourfront and offer an extensive food and beverage menu, according to the cruise line’s website.

The vessel will include two restaurants and two bars.

The company plans to offer live music, concerts, sporting events and cultural events.

“This is a big change for Hong Kong.

We want to create a destination where we can serve a wide range of food and beverages that are not only for the people, but also for the tourists and guests,” Hong Kong Tourism Development Corporation Chairman Michael Leung said in a statement.

“We believe that it is time to move forward with the development of this ship and to make it a destination for the entire community, and this is why we are announcing that the cruise ships will open in early 2016 in Hong Kwang Tong, a city that is also home to the iconic Hong Kong Tower, the world’s tallest building.”

The Carnival of the Sea is expected to be able to serve up to 30,000 guests at a time, according the company.